I am a trained clinical therapist (Masters of Social Work) with almost 20 years experience in anti-oppression social work. My core values have always been at the centre of my work. I believe everyone matters. Everyone deserves to be heard, to be understood, and to have someone with them them when the world doesn’t feel safe, when all around seems dark. This is what life is about and what matters to me—love, connection, being right here, with you, in the small beautiful moments, in the big moments. When that connection happens, change can happen.

A lot of our work together will involve listening to the wisdom of the body. What excites me about learning to listen to our bodies is that by doing that we hear stories that our bodies have been trying to tell. And by listening, by noticing and tending to these stories, we actually create new pathways—in our brain, in our lives and in our souls.

My rabbinical training and my training in mindfulness meditation lets me maintain a presence that is based in compassion, honesty, and ancient wisdom.

Working with me would mean working with the body, alongside the mind, the emotions, the soul. The Sensorimotor Psychotherapy I practice will give you a chance to get to the core of who you are. Together, we will compassionately elucidate the imprint your life experiences have left on your mind, brain, and body. This exploration can help you feel more at ease in your body and in your life.


Therapeutic Perspectives

Collaborative approach

You are the best expert on what works for you. I am there to listen and support you, offer guidance and hold on to hope, when it’s hard for you to do so.

Holistic approach

As the therapist, I strive to make room for your inner guidance by being inclusive of the emotional, mental, interpersonal, social, spiritual and somatic (body) parts of any client. During our time together I can help you to connect and sense the wisdom of your body in order to experience in-the-moment change.

Sincere approach

I bring a sincere commitment to my clients, one that is based on respect, compassion and the intention to be of service.